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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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destroyed entire community, they left at least two dozen people dead and a dozen more injured. good afternoon i'm chris may. i'm erika von tiehl. jessica dean is off tonight. cbs news reporter anna warner has more from hard hit illinois where the clean up is just beginning. >> every home, in fair dale illinois is either tam age or destroyed. >> i just remember stuff hitting, falling, i didn't know what to think and when it was over it was gone. >> reporter: two people died, including a 67 year-old woman who was preparing to leave for her daughter's birthday party. >> my mother in law, she didn't make it downstairs. >> reporter: fair dale doesn't have a fire system. but, warning alarms sounded in the nearby town of roshell, 12 people rode out the storm in the basement of the restaurant. >> we came in here and ran inside, got a couple of pictures across the the treat from frustrates here and the owner
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a said in the basement and we went down in the basement. >> reporter: it took rescue crews 90 minutes to dig them out. the tornado cut swirling lines into farm fields and pulled homes from their foundations. some of the rescuers were also victims. >> we went to work, and then helped other people who needed help. i got there at 5:00 to see that my house was gone. >> reporter: or salvaging what they can from the massive piles of rebel hoping to rebuild their lives. ana warner for cbs news, fair dale illinois. that same system is coming our way, we will not spector made owes like they had in illinois where we're in the weather center and meteorologist kate bilo joins us. kate this was a terrifying night for people in the midwest. >> just terrifying. severe weather season got off to a slow start but just like nights like last night are making up for lost time. lets look at storm scan three. what we saw out there last night. we will track those tornadoes. they came up along a cold
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front that is coming through our area this evening. you can see those storms moving through northern illinois. i want to zoom in and you can see a few report, numerous tornado reports that this one right here where you see clusters that is the one that went through fair dale illinois. as we zoom in, i want to show you a define hook. is there the storm. see how it gets that hook shape moving toward fair dale airing use towards fair dale. the these are northwesterly suburbs. little tiny ham lets here in northern illinois and take a look at this we will zoom in and see fair dale right here, tiny little town look the a the shape of this storm. the this is what we call an notch, a a distinguishing shape of the tornado. i want to show you one other thing. thinks a sheer track showing the sheer they had as they moved through. you can track this as it moved across roshell and 39 and fair tail area. very strong storms and as we mentioned no structure in that tiny town escaped damage yesterday evening. zooming closer to our area now we will track that front as it
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moved in and we got off lucky. temperatures did not warm up like they were supposed to but in the long run that is a good thing because we didn't get instability and heat for these storms to work w front is coming through right now and doesn't have have much more with it beside showers and cloud maybe a gusty breeze as front comes through but temperatures just warmed up enough. we are up to 65 in dover. sixty-six with sun. only 55 in philadelphia, and that is just not warm enough for severe weather to get going. we have 80's in richmond but we could not get that front to activate northward far enough to really ramp up the temperatures up. cloud stay put, cold air was very, very tenacious but for tonight we are expecting a couple showers here and there, cloud, fog temperatures in the 50's and if we get a thunderstorm it is to the south down across portions of southern delaware. erika, back over to you. fire breaks out in a newark delaware apartment complex, killing one person and injuring, two others. fire fighters, rush to the scene, building g at the
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apartments on old capitol trail. it is unclear what start that had fire. there is no word on the identity of the person killed. a fire fighter was among the injured, all of the injuries are not life threatening. well, there were fire works in a delaware county boro council meeting boro manager lock herself in her office after last night's meeting erupted in shouts and accusations. it played out in colwyn boro where "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones joins us live towed. >> reporter: chris boro manager here simply refuses to leave, right now she's still inside her office here at boro hall but whether or not she has a job that isn't clear but what is clear is the boro is having serious financial problems and the accusations are flying. >> $500 cash withdraws. so the the money was made. >> are you accusing me of taking that money. >> you were the treasurer. >> reporter: colwyn boro
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council meeting sparked a subpoena off playing out against backdrop of the investigation into financial problems broo manager paula brown spent the night in her office lock behind a door. >> there is a lot of evident the that the district attorney need and state ethics committee needs and so the evidence has to be preserved. >> reporter: eye vote to eliminate her job and code enforcement position passed thursday night, according to the the council member fred. >> we are 1.1 million in the hall last night we cut $75,000. >> reporter: brown and councilman paul, said that vote was illegal because i the came after the the meeting was officially over. >> did you adjourn the the the meeting. >> yes, i did. >> reporter: brown said she handed over boxes of evidence last night to the district attorney's office as part of the ongoing investigation. she alleged that some current council members used boro atm card to withdraw taxpayer money for their own personal expenses. >> $203 king of prussia mall, all right. $145.
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>> reporter: for his part he says vote to eliminate brown's position was based on the state's advice to cut spending and's grease that the financial problems need to be examine. >> i think, that is there a whole lot of money going out the the door. >> reporter: well, brown says that she has no plans on leaving here any time soon. in the meantime lesher says he has been working with the boro visitor to try to find in his word a reasonable solution. reporting live from colwyn delaware county, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thanks. members of the northeast philadelphia community are left picking up the pieces have after vandals strike a children's play ground overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers joins us at roosevelt playground in mayfair where neighbors are calling this a recurring problem, matt. >> reporter: today city officials cleaned up this latest round of vandalism other times that task falls to volunteers who spend their own time trying to make sure it the stays clean but no matter
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who cleans it up, it is clear that neighbors are fed up with it. trash dumped all over the park graffiti sprayed in several places, even milk cartons thrown and smashed begins a building wall. it is all vandalism and some of what neighbors who live near roosevelt play ground in northeast philadelphia saw thursday night. >> things have been happening like this for the last between five and ten years. >> reporter: woman who took those photos didn't want to show her face. she's afraid of the teenage hours run among as temperatures get warmer turning the public park into a place that she's scared to visit. >> it makes me very upset. i don't like to see mize neighborhood go down the tubes like this. >> reporter: she said vandalism is a symptom of the larger problem when teens take over the park at night and they make it and the neighborhood unsafe. >> nobody cares. there is children that has to play over there and nobody it is so sad. >> reporter: one family is rose harris and her young daughter. we saw them playing friday
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morning and told of the vandalism and he was not surprised. >> is it frustrating to see people treat the the park like that. >> absolutely, this is a fantastic resource. we come out here a lot. >> reporter: worse of it was smearing muscle from this pile across the entire park. that mulch is supposed to be used by an after school program to help kid learn how to garden. >> it is not their park, you know, it is all of our parks. it has got to be a place we can all play and keep nice for each other. >> reporter: we are told that city councilman bobby henan's office ace aware of this issue. representative from their office told those who alert that had office that they are looking in the problem, a according to the people we have spoken to out here they say the only way to truly in make sure that the teenage vandals stay out of this park at night is to hire security guard, certainly something easier said than done. we're live from northeast philadelphia, matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". matt thanks. commute for those coming into philadelphia this morning over the ben franklin bridge
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was a slow one. a a jackknife tractor trailer jammed westbound lanes at the the base of the bridge for more than three hours. stranded bus passengers on the new jersey side were transported on the patco line. when lanes reopened just before 10:00 o'clock. another accident this morning this one on kelly drive. "eyewitness news" on the scene where a woman on her way to work lost control of her car and flipped it over. the accident happened just before 5:00 near sedgley drive, that woman was treated for a cut to her leg. kelly drive has been since reopen. cell phone video of an attack on two teenage girls in trenton has now ended in the a arrest of three juveniles. look at the video that police used in this investigation that shows two sisters being punched, kicked and beaten by a crowd at trenton city park. victim's say that some innocent rough housing escalated in to this violence. you can see one of the sisters now has 15 stitch necessary her ear. two teenagers also say that not one a adult who was there stepped into stop it.
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>> we could have got killed out there. they were stumping on our head. grown men and women stumping on our head. we are only teenagers. anything could have happened out there. >> trenton police say they have arrested two young women age 15 and 13 and a boy hoist 12 years of age. more a arrests were possible. walter scott unarmed motorist shot and killed by a south carolina police officer will be laid to rest tomorrow. wake is scheduled for tonight. meantime investigators are working to determine what happened between officer michael slager and scott in the moments not caught on tape. dash cam video shows scott running away during a traffic stop. cell phone video from an eyewitness picks up the moment slager fired several shots at the unarmed man. slager remains jailed, charged with murder. there is more trouble tonight for pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane a judge ordered a hearing of her firing of the top aid. that judge in montgomery county want kane to explain
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why former prosecutor james barker was fired on wednesday. now barker testified before a grand jury that ultimately recommended kane be charged in connection with the leak of grand jury information to the local newspaper. the judge called that hearing to determine if kane violated his order not to retaliate against witnesses. a hearing is now set for april 27th. kane's attorney lenny davis released a statement that read, i cannery a hure judge carpenter that, and, over last two years including the most recent ones were 100 percent appropriate management decisions by attorney general kane consistent with her campaign themes and commitments to the people of pennsylvania for reform and efficiency in the office of attorney general. much more to come on that. still to come here on "eyewitness news" tonight a hooping cough out break at a local school. two popular brand are recalling their products over concerns of listeria contamination, health reporter
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stephanie stahl shows why they are taking that action. does a mad man star have a secret past we will look at fraternity hazing allegations and how they involved the actor john ham. and on line dating, in the palm of your hand coming up why experts say more and more singles are simplifying their approach. we will be right back.
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on the healthwatch today seven cases of whooping cough have been confirmed at radnor high school since march 20th. a letter went out to parents in which the the district said that seven cases included six students who were vaccinated.
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the path department of health recommend that all students in radnor now be observed for symptoms and report any symptoms to their pediatricians, immediately. also, on the healthwatch concerns about a deadly kind of food poisoning are now growing. two popular brand are recalling their products because of listeria
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contamination. >> health reporter stephanie stahl explains why health officials are taking action. >> reporter: shop rite is recalling classic humus because of possible listeria contamination. delaware state health department issued a warning telling residents to discard the humus while it determines what establishments may have received the products. eating food contaminated with listeria can cause an infection known as listeria. >> it can get out of the intestine, into the the bloodstream, it can cause even self lights and if a woman's pregnant, it can unfortunately, precipitation a miscarriage. >> reporter: blue bell creameries has recalled 25 products over last in overlies tear use concerns. health officials say three people who ate tainted ice cream from blue bell creameries have died. experts say listeria a bacteria found in soil and water can grow even in cold temperatures, unlike other bacteria, and that means a contaminated product can get even more dangerous in the refrigerated. >> the bacteria can multiply so it the becomes more likely to make you sick. so it is very important to check your refrigerator that you do not have any of these products and discard them. >> reporter: unlike other food born illnesses it can be days or months before symptoms from a listeria infection begin. it is usually treated with antibiotics and fluids. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" you can try out the new apple watch today but you have to give it back. >> um-hmm. >> we will take a look at a new gadget and what people are saying bit. plus... >> oh, my god.
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>> well, is she having fun or not, it is hard to tell. the this is a spring break scare, something lurking right below surface of the water there that terrified that swimmer but it is not what you think. stay tuned for that leslie? well, as phillies first round draft pick in 2010 jedi biddle was once considered a sure thing to make the the big leagues but now mt. airy native is looking to bounce back after a freak accident de
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so, not as bad as it could be, kate. >> not the as bad as it could be or warm as it could be either. the let's get that out of the way first. the the cold air just didn't want to move out of here but good news without temperatures in the 07's we don't get severe weather. >> and we will eventually get to those warm temperatures maybe in the next few days. >> we will by next week. three day forecast has some 60's on it and even 170's but next week we have temperatures in the 07's. lets look outside. we can look to the bottom of the screen and see weather watchers observations scrolling there. always to our weather watchers providing the same information in all of our neighborhoods across the region. lets look towards center city and low clouds, till in place, it is still looking, very, very glummy. it appears models and everyone, under estimated power of the cold air. we could not get that south wind to blast these clouds a away and temperatures to rise.
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we have a cold front moving through right now and we are not seeing any severe weather. it is very glummy down the shore. lets look at sky cam three where people are out walking, and you can see we have the the wind blowing out there as well. it is a glummy evening. temperatures not that bad down the shore. we are seeing 60's now but not as warm as it could have been in the warm sector of the storm. we can see the cold front, this is the same front that brought that nasty tornado, number of tornado reports to the midwest. that one we talk about in fair dale has been given a preliminary rating of ef4 very strong tornado there but not doing anything for us because it is just too cold and stable. we have cloud cover that stabilizes the the atmosphere and thunderstorms do not like to form in that kind of environment. you can see a couple hours moving through. that is it. maybe a stray sprinkle. clouds are in. if we get a thunderstorm later tonight off to the south. 8:00 p.m. maybe one heavy shower or brief thunderstorm
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and then clears out by 9:00 p.m. skies will be clearing northwest to south east and during the day tomorrow, clear skies and i'll tell you right through sunday it looks like we have froze up our future weather there noise cloud or showers. it will be sunshine for the vast majority of the weekend. temperatures right now are at 55 at the the airport. up to 66 in atlantic city. dover, 67 at the moment. lancaster at 55 degrees. been a wild week. our average high 62. started out at 75. temperatures drastically drop. we have been closer to normal. normals right around lower 60's, but tomorrow it is right on point with highs in the low one on's. we will clear this front out tonight. we have a storm moving away creating a pressure gradient. the the highs in the lower 60's. still warmest day since tuesday. high pressure overhead unday looks like a great day and 07's an monday as showers approaching from the south and west. cloud, couple showers, not much more than that, clearing out late 48 degrees. for your sat the day mostly
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sunny, breezy beautiful at 64 degrees. here is your three day forecast. it gets nicer every day. beautiful saturday. gorgeous on sunday. and then on monday a few more clouds but warmer up to 27 degrees. tell if you those 07's last through next week the with the seven day
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phillies pitching prospect and mt. airy native jesse biddle has had a tough two years first dealing with whooping cough and then a concussion that at the time he didn't even know that he had. early reviews of jesse bit will are good really good phillies topic out of germantown friend struggled last year after dealing with the concussion a injury he didn't get playing ball. >> this is first time i have been talking bit publicly. it became pitch black in the middle of the day. my car got totaled, back of my car completely caved in.
5:26 pm
i got glass every where. >> reporter: this was a picture jesse posted on the twitter account after the may hail storm that damaged parking lots full of cars but for jesse, the worst was not over. >> i had to get out of the car and find coverage somewhere. i started running into the nearest restaurants, where i could find and hide and i got hit in the back of the head. >> reporter: a hit so hard he got a cop cushion and that affected to the play to the point that gm ruben amaro gave him a mental break. no one knew what was going on. >> it wore me down. at the end of the the day i had to rest and find myself. >> i haven't really talked bit a little bit n some ways i was ashamed of it. in some ways i was embarras by what happened. >> now he feels good and has his confidence back. >> everything that i went through, everything that i had to deal with, you know, it happened, it is in the past and i feel good with where i am at. i feel good. you know mentally i feel
5:27 pm
strong and physically, on the mound, you know, in the work outs i feel like i'm doing well. >> he is such a great guy. >> yes. >> hopefully we will see him at citizens bank park sometime soon. >> great to see a local kid get that opportunity but stay out of hail storms. >> no kidding. >> yes. >> leslie, thank you. still to come, after more than 50 years the u.s. is taking steps to restore relations with cuba. the the president and cuban leader raul castro may be preparing for a historic meeting. fraternity hazing allegations hitting hollywood what mad man star john ham is doing to a pledge during his college years that led to the lawsuit. new at 6:00 o'clock tonight, new owner no power, big problems, revel casino has in electricity tonight and some say that means it is a fire danger and a travel or a hazard for air travel, if the the the atlantic city area, we will have more on that tonight on "eyewitness news"
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i'm chris may and here are the top stories for you investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of the deadly fire at a newark delaware apartment complex. one person was killed there, two people suffered none in life threatening injuries at
5:31 pm
the possum park apartments, we're told one of the people injured was a fire fighter. well, a colwyn boro official is protesting spending by elect officials there and is locked in her office tonight. fire works erupted, and the the officials, decided to eliminate her position there we will update you on that story. two women are killed as tornado strikes a small town in northern illinois. tornado hit six counties in overnight. in all about a dozen people were injured. kate in. scary night across, illinois that same cold front is moving through our area as we speak but with temperatures in the 50's today it is in the doing much. cloud and maybe a couple sprinkles throughout the rest of tonight, could be a stray sure or then are storm as we watch some storms firing up west of d.c. but for the the most part just a shower or two and great spring weekend on the way and more details, coming up, erika. expectations are rising for a historic meeting between
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president obama and cuban leader raul castro. both are attending the summit of the americaness panama city. cbs news correspondent craig b on. swell is a at the the white house with more. >> reporter: president obama's meetings with leaders at um is it of the americas in panama are warm up for highly anticipated a and historic face-to-face with raul castro. >> we don't have a formal meeting scheduled but we anticipate that they will have a discussion, tomorrow. >> reporter: two leaders spoke by phone by only the second time earlier this week as u.s. and cuba work to normalized relations. thursday president obama was asked about changes peck in havana as two nations reestablish ties. >> we will continue to have differences with the cuban government but we don't want to be imprison by tme past. >> reporter: it is possible president obama a will use the summit to announce that the u.s. will re move cuba from the list of state sponsors of
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terrorism. he initiate that had process last december when he announced that you go relations between washington and havana a. >> the president will make a decision when all of the the various element of our review are completed. >> reporter: long simmering tensions over human rights in cuba were evident as castro supporters and dissidents clashed outside cuban embassy in panama city. the thursday secretary of state john kerry and bruno rodriguez held highest level diplomatic level since relations were cut a half century ago. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if president obama removes cuba from the state sponsor of for or list it will not be official until congress has had 45 days to review it but is unlikely to block it, chris? a kansas man is charged with attempting to launch an isis inspired bombing raid on a u.s. military base. prosecutors say 20 year-old john booker of topeka planned to carry out that attack at
5:34 pm
fort riley. the man was arrested while trying to arm what he thought was a thousand pound car bomb. authorities say that device contain inactive materials and not capable of floating. >> it is alleged that he told another individual that detonating a suicide bomb was his number one a as preparation because he could not be captured, all of the evidence would be destroyed, and he would be guarantied to hit his target. >> reporter: government says booker had been under fbi surveillance for some time. he has been charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and other crimes. if convicted he faces life in prison. military is recognizing the 13 people killed in the fort hood shooting rampage as well as all those who survived. dozens of purple hearts and a defense of freedom metals were given to soldiers, civilians and the families of those who were killed. the ceremony took place on the scene of the deadly shooting back in 2009. >> we honor memories of the 13
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souls laid to eternal rest and pay tribute to those who sacrificed. >> nadal hasan was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to death for that violent attack. the secret is out, hillary clinton will announce that she's running for president. cbs news confirmed that clinton will make the announcement on sunday with the video posted on social media. soon after the former secretary of state and first lady is expect to campaign in early voting states including iowa, and new hampshire. polls show clinton is early front run tore win the the democratic nomination. another big announcement coming a day after hillary makes it official marco rubio is set to announce his presidential campaign on monday during a speech in miami, florida. the first term senator from florida would bypass a second term in order to run. education was front and center as philadelphia's democratic mayoral candidates squared off last night.
5:36 pm
cbs philly teaming up with the philadelphia a association of black journalist to host that forum for the candidates. our very own ukee washington was there as moderator for the the forum. it took place the at the unit college of philadelphia some discussions centered around education funding and school reform commission. >> i'm hopeful governor wolf will dot right thing and make sure our children have enough money from the state which has been limiting amount of money going to philadelphia for far too long cheating our children out of the first class education. >> with respect to schools, we have to change the curriculum, we've got an antiquated model that is preparing students for jobs that no longer exist in manufacturing. we're in the feeding their entrepreneurial spirit. >> i will work with the governor to make sure that we end the src and that we establish parental control and that the mayor be the most responsible individual in making sure that we fix our schools. >> i would rather spend my time and efforts lobbying for reimbursement for charter schools that corbett took away
5:37 pm
and lobby for fair funding form lah statewide. >> we have to have an independent funding source that doesn't tax anybody. when you do that it is a voluntary tax. >> we're not replacing them with the elect school game. i have philadelphia delaware county elect school board become politicians. they are not anymore effect testify than the src when it comes to that. >> you can see that forum at 11:35 right the here on cbs-3. the moving philadelphia forum will air a second time sunday morning at 11:00 o'clock on our sister station the cw philly. those are the democrats. as for the republicans well, it has been more than 60 years instant is the g.o.p. control the mayor's office, this woman is hoping to change that. coming up a at 6:00 i'll sit down with the republican date for mayor of philadelphia melissa murray bailey, she sayers her vision have of taking philadelphia forward would she become mayor. jurors wrapped up fourth
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days of the deliberations in the murder trial of aaron hernandez. they are due back in court monday morning. jurors spent 19 and a half hours deliberating since they got the case tuesday afternoon. hernandez has pleaded in the guilty to murder in the shooting death of odin lloyd. his defense team says although he was at the scene of the shooting he was in the involved. today we have learn that lauren hill college basketball player who inspired millions with her brave fight against cancer had died at the age of 19. mount st. joseph in ohio, a freshman, she gain national attention for fighting a inoperable brain tumor nerd to play college basketball. she will be remembered as someone who encouraged others to make the most out of every day. lauren hill also helped raise one and a half million-dollar for cancer research. she really did inspire, millions of you not just a few basketball fans but people all over the world. >> just such a great lesson for all of us. still to come the wait is
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over, the the apple watch went on sale today what you need to know to get your hand on one. >> it is tough to get hand on one right now. also ahead looking for love on line, we will look at more popular dating apps right now to see howie effective they are at the making that love connection. kate? and a cold front that brought severe weather to the midwest last night is moving through our area as we speak but only bringing a few showers, so does it clear out in time for the weekend. i'll have your full ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there waiting for someone to reach out and take it. ♪ and the ones who do. these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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first to own a apple watch, we hope you got on preorder today they began this morning with shipping starting this month. >> as kyw news radio's john machining defendant tells us you can make an a appointment at select apple stores to test it out. >> reporter: many people set their alarm clocks for 3:00 a.m. to order them on line, with so many styles ranging from $400 to $10,000, it may not be any like the one that was right for you. good news apple is making the high tech wear available to try on at select stores joe, of society hill ordered
5:43 pm
several on line and was at center city apple store to help them decide which order will keep and which ones they will cancel. >> although i made an appointment to come in, check out exactly which model i wanted and what color and they would be here for me. unfortunately they are running low, already even they they didn't sell any so i could in the see the exact color band and model that i wanted. so... i have to find another store to try them on. >> reporter: not everyone is rushing to be the the first to own the device. >> i think i want to wait, do some reading and see what the public thinks about it before and see what the problems are. >> reporter: apple says shipping will start on april 24th but not all styles may be available right away. >> a lot of people here trying on watches say they are being told they will in the receive their watches until sometime in may. john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". trend to go day a manatee
5:44 pm
freak out, see what happens here when a young spring breaker takes a dip in the florida waters. >> i feel for this girl. >> poor thing. >> that woman was difficulties frank when she was hit by that in the water. >> i can get it. >> she thought it was a shark. >> it is just a manatee and this looks scary. for the the record it is a plant eat are and they spend mess of the time but i ask you what would you do if you were swimming and saw that grazed past you. >> yes, try to tell someone they are plant eaters. >> hoist the person posting this video. >> haha. >> you had an experience like this. >> it was a shark it was sleeping. >> in one was filming and did not see my freak out. >> when sharks are a asleep they are hanging out. >> you cannot tell you will in the poke it. are you awake good good advice do in the poke a shark. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive.
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so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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it was an end of an era at kyw news radio today. >> i loved what i did and where i did it.
5:48 pm
>> we all love him tony hanson officially signing off today, ending a storied 37 year career, his voice is so well known to so many across the region. if there was a big story, odds are good that tony was there reporting on it. tomorrow is his 60th birthday so he has a lot to celebrate right now and he tells us he is looking forward to some free time which he deserves. congratulations, tony, we will miss you. and, so many things about tony hanson all week just such a professional congratulations to you tony. eyewitness weather watchers are checking in on this chilly evening. temperatures just did not rise like they were supposed to today. warm front could not get far enough north. we will take a closer look at why that happened in a minute. first lets look at these numbers. didn't get past 50 ease in most locations. pete inner lawrenceville, new jersey is at 58 degrees. he said will we ever see the sun again? enough of the cold damp, glummy days.
5:49 pm
i echo that sentiment. we will see the sun again i promise and pretty soon as well. we have 54 degrees moving north and west of the city. lou is in eagleville, 54. filtered sunshine. fifty-nine south and east of philadelphia in wynonna, new jersey where kathy has 59 degrees and kathy has a comment for us she says in rain as of yet wind gusts at eight, dreary looking day, can't wait to see the sun, feels like a long time since we have seen that sun. let check out down in delaware jason in middletown 59 thick cloud cover and jason says it still feels like rain at any moment but the at least temperature is warmer but at least it is a little warmer. in more 40's like we have been feeling all week long. lets look live from campbell's field over toward ben franklin bridge and it is glummy. last time we saw that full sunny day was monday so tuesday, wednesday, thursday and now friday it has been gray, it has been glummy, it feels like we're living in london or the seattle must feel like a few months out of the year.
5:50 pm
for us we don't generally see this long of a stretch of gray case here in philadelphia although if we will get it, april is time we would get witt these marine air masses in the spring that comes in and set up shop. that is what happened today. lets look at storm scan three. you can see cloud with us all day long little bit of sunshine in center city right around 3:00 this afternoon. filtered sun that tried to break through and warm us up. front came through and obscured that sun. nothing but stray showers even these heavier showers west of d.c. are fizzling at the moment. lets look at storm can three sweeping the area not finding much of anything because our warm front didn't make it far enough north so what happens today, cloud lingered we could not get sun to break through. warm front stalled to the south, could not push far enough north that cold air was tenacious, 55 at the the airport. eighty-one richmond. eighty-three in norfolk. wind shifted late. wind from the south and west but took them a while we had a
5:51 pm
east wind. heading out to the phillies game tonight cloud, stray shower 54 degrees at first pitch, not too bad not as cold as recent nights but bring puncho also clouds and showers at 48 and your sat the day is mostly sunny and breezy and 64 degrees will be the day time high. it will feel fantastic even though we have a cool breeze weekend looks great. warmer than past few days. the we are in the 70's next week. next chance for showers comes tuesday. chris, back over to you. kate, thanks very much. are you out there looking for love? no judgments here but if you are single and in philadelphia area chances are you have tried a dating app. >> our nicole brewer spoke to monica mandell about the growing popularity of these apps. >> unlock your smart phone but could it plug you in the direction of love. >> you are taking dating into your own hand. >> reporter: monica mandelis a relationship expert and columnist for huffing ton post. she says that the use of of dating apps is on the rise citing's annual
5:52 pm
singles in america study. >> one out of four philadelphians responded that they successfully went on a date through an app from their smart phone. >> reporter: among most popular an app called tinder that lets singles latch on those that don't. considered by some as a hook up app, mandell says it is more legitimate with the 30 plus set. >> that group is working, busy building a career and the best way for them to meet is through their smart phones. >> reporter: in the dating world they say there is someone for everyone, and these days it really does seem like there is a dating app for just about every single. from clover, an app that end is you matches based on location and time to ivy league a app for 1 percent then is there how about we, where users pose an idea for date to see who by the. hinge matches you up with friend of friend of facebook. >> you have a comfort zone knowing that they know someone that you also know. >> reporter: while some say they are worth the down load.
5:53 pm
>> it is so bad thaw are willing to do it. >> reporter: others are sure it is not for them. >> there is a lot of for lack of of a better word weirdos on the internet the. >> reporter: that may be true but mandell says as long as you take precautions, the benefit could out way risk. nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". decade ago meeting someone on line was seen as so tab you, but now it is next best thing. >> there are weirdos every where. >> not just on line. >> right now 5:53. still ahead on "eyewitness news", mad men star john ham is accused in a violent fraternity hazing incident. the insider has more on the actor's secret past, coming up next.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
star of mad men john ham is accused in a vial fraternity hazing incident. a lacrosse coach is forced to resign in the false duke rape scandal, in that person speaking out for the the first time. >> insider louie now joins us with the stories tonight,
5:57 pm
louie? >> chris and erika criminal record show ham was charged with hazing when he attended the university of texas in the early 90's tonight we will take you inside these two compelling cases. a 25 year-old lawsuit linking ham to the brutal fraternity hazing surfaced yesterday. mark allen sanders who pledged at the university of texas in 1990 claims he was severely beaten, dragged by a hammer and had his pants let on fire. he said frat brother jonathan ham participated until the very end. ham and four others were charged with hazing. they received probation but never criminally quick. our legal insider on the ramifications of hazing in today's climate. >> this was over 20 years ago when frat culture was most aligned to animal house. to the the credit the university did hut down the chapter when the incident surfaced and ham did pay his debt to so side. >> ham, has in the responded to requests for comments. also sunday on cbs's 60 minutes. it has been nine years since duke lacrosse rape scandal
5:58 pm
gripped the nation. that case was dismissed and accused players exonerated but it was their coach who lost their job and reputation in the rush to judgment. >> google up one of the boys name, my name, and then on the computer, you saw the word rape. >> reporter: mike says despite numerous college offers over the years that would have tripled his salary he didn't take them because he was loyal to the the university who hired him, after duke university showed him zero loyalty when they forced him to resign. the chris and erika, back to you. thank you. >> you can get much more on is what happening on the insider tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at six, chaos at the a council meeting lead to a boro manager lock inside her office and refusing to leave. boro officials say its all over an investigation into missing money. >> new owner in problems big
5:59 pm
problems, the former revel casino has in electricity and some a that makes it a fire danger and hazard for air travel. >> kate? and a cold front moving through the area right new bringing some showers it is same one that brought fatal tornadoes to illinois last night i'll tell what you we can expect for rest of tonight and have your weekend forecast at 6:00. thankfully our weather is calm, we will show you how storm system startedded out with deadly consequences. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. "eyewitness news" begins at 6:00 with breaking news, charges have been filed against the long time employee have of the delaware county district attorney's office. good evening i'm chris may. i'm quarter von tiehl. guess case off tonight. officials say that employee stole cash for a period of several years. >> let get to diana rocco live from media delaware county with the breaking details diana. >> reporter: chris and quarter
6:00 pm
this 29 year employee of the d.a.'s office was indicted for stealing more than a hundred thousand dollars in cash in what the d.a. describes as drug money, that was submitted to their office by various police departments, in ongoing investigations. the the employee's name is 48 year-old marry lynch of ridley, she turn herself in this morning and was immediately fired. investigators say she used money to fund a lavish lifestyle spending $62,000 on concert ticket over last three years. they found tickets at her home for upcoming taylor swift and bob dillon concerts. she used money to pay $67,000 american express bill and then altering documents and forging a why's signature in what the d.a. described as a ponzi-type keep. they found the descrepancy two months ago during an audit by one of the police departments and says it goes back to at least march 2013. >> this is a case of betrayal. this is a case where you have a trusted


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